Episode: The Hallo-Wiener

Oma loves Halloween!

And so does her magical-golden-dog Helen, too.

Because the best part of Halloween is the “dressing-up” we get to do!

A magical lion & her lion-tamer!

But this year – there’s just one thing Helen wants to know…….

When is a hot dog not a hot dog?

When he becomes a hero sandwich!


Oma tells us all about this funny tale in today’s episode of Oma’s Reading Room, as she reads the great trick-or-treat story of:

The Hallo-Wiener!

Written & Illustrated by Dav Pilkey!

Author Dav Pilkey delivers a hilarious Halloween treat in this story about Oscar, a dachshund doomed to wear a hot dog costume on Halloween.

However, when he saves the day — and night — Oscar proves that while he may be short on height, he’s long on heart!

This is a tale trick-or-treaters everywhere are sure to relish.

Helen sure does hope you’ll join Oma in her Reading Room, to discover how all the dogs become friends forever and Oscar is never made fun of again!

Until next time…

remember Oma is sending you her 

hugs and her blessings

I hope you’ll catch them and hold them 

real tight! 


*Remember – if you would like your very own copy of this INCREDIBLY FUNNY book, to add to your Dav Pilkey collection, you can easily purchase one by clicking here.

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