Episode: Fibbed Big

Hello there, little ones!

I have really missed seeing you!

And that’s the TRUTH!

Sadly, sometimes people will tell lies.

But it is SO IMPORTANT to always tell the truth because fibs can affect others and make people feel very bad.

Today’s story is a cautionary tale on how important it is to


The story of

Edwurd Fudwupper


explained by his sister, Fannie Fudwupper

with author

Berkeley Breathed

(Helping Slightly)

is the tale of a liar so amazing, so outrageous, so talented, that no one is spared. Edwurd Fudwupper spends all his time cooking up fibs full of phooey and letting them rip.

But one day, Edwurd tells such a world-class lie,

such a humdinger,

that the army, the air force, and the dog catcher are called to try to reverse the damage Edwurd’s lie has wrought – with little success!

I do hope you’ll meet Oma in her Reading Room where we will discover together how an unlikely heroine comes to Edwurd’s rescue in the end!

Until next time…

remember Oma is sending you her 

hugs and her blessings

I hope you’ll catch them and hold them 

real tight! 


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