Episode: Wherever You Are my love will find you

Hello, my little friends!

Oma has chosen another very special book to read together and

I am so excited to be sharing it with you inside Oma’s Reading Room!

Today’s book is

Wherever You Are

My love will find you

Written & Illustrated by

Nancy Tillman

Nancy Tillman is one of Oma’s favorite Children’s Authors & Illustrators. Oma has many of Mrs. Tillman’s books in her Reading Room but today’s book is one of my very favorites!

“Why is that, Oma?” you may be asking.

Because THIS book was THE book which planted the very first seed for Oma’s Reading Room IDEA!

Remember last week, author Kobi Yamada told us all about the amazing things that can happen when you DO SOMETHING with an idea!!

Well, Oma’s IDEA was planted in her heart four years ago when our first grandchild was born who lived very far away from us. Oma was sad not to see her granddaughter very often and always wanted her to know how VERY MUCH she was loved…no matter how near or how far, young or old…Oma’s love would always find her!

Perhaps you have a grandparent who lives far away from you too? Or your grandparents have gone to heaven? Oma wants YOU to never forget you are loved and I do hope you will feel the hugs & blessings Oma is sending to all of you and hold them real close!

If love could take shape, it might look something like the heartfelt words and images in this book from the inimitable Nancy Tillman.

Perhaps you would like your own copy of Mrs. Tillman’s book to share with someone you love! You can easily do so by clicking here.

Now come along with me inside of Oma’s Reading Room; where we shall listen to the warm words and see the beautiful illustrations in this heartwarming story, beside all her other little (and not so little) friends!

Let’s go!

Theme Song, Big World Baby, by musical artist JJ Heller

Remember Oma’s sending you her hugs and her blessings!

I hope you’ll catch them and hold them real close until we meet again next time, in Oma’s Reading Room!


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