Episode: Germs Are Not for Sharing PART 2

Welcome back, little ones!

Sneezes, coughs, runny noses, spills, and messes are facts of everyday life,

especially with lots of little friends around!

And that’s why it’s never too soon to learn about

germs and ways to stay clean and healthy.

The Germs Are Not for Sharing book

by Elizabeth Verdick

is a short course for kids on what germs are,

what they do,

and why it’s so important to cover them up

blocking them from spreading

and wash them down the drain!

Today’s episode focuses on a special section for grown-ups and little ones to listen to together, which includes ideas for discussion and activities.

I do hope you’ll meet me in Oma’s Reading Room but don’t forget to bring a grown-up with you to help answer any questions you may have or so you can talk about these important things together!!

Until next time …

Oma is sending you

her hugs and her blessings

I do hope you’ll catch them and

hold them real tight!


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