Episode: Why Christmas Trees Aren’t Perfect

Hello, my little friends!

Oma & Gompy’s very own Small Pine.

Long, long ago

in a land far away,

lived a perfect little tree named Small Pine.

Small Pine hoped to maintain its perfect form and be selected by the Queen as her Christmas tree. But as the warm-hearted little tree gave shelter to rabbits, birds, and deer in the forest, its branches became damaged. All the other trees in the evergreen forest laughed at Small Pine’s kindness and said Small Pine would never be chosen by the Queen now.

Have you ever offered help or support toward someone, even in the midst of ridicule from friends or those around you?

Today’s book,

Why Christmas Trees Aren’t Perfect

Written by Richard H. Schneider


Illustrated by Elizabeth J. Miles

is a wonderful story written about love, warmth and compassion.

Oma loves helping others

and I hope you do too!

Be sure to join me in Oma’s Reading Room to hear all about the little evergreen

Small Pine,

who understood that

living for the sake of others makes us most beautiful in the eyes of God.

Let’s go!

Theme Song, Big World Baby, by JJ Heller.

And remember Oma is sending you her hugs & her blessings!

I hope you’ll catch them and hold them real tight – until we meet again next time,

in Oma’s Reading Room!


Perhaps you would like your own copy of Mr. Schneider’s book too!

You can easily do so by clicking here.

Why Christmas Trees Aren’t Perfect makes the perfect Holiday gift!

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