Episode: Coat of Many Colors

Hello, my little friends!

Oma has been spending some time with her sewing basket; mending a few projects that have needed done, especially with winter on its way.

Do you have projects you enjoy working on?

One of Oma’s projects has inspired the story I have chosen for us to read together!

The Coat of Many Colors

Written by Dolly Parton


Illustrated by Judith Sutton

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Episode: Sophie’s Squash

Hello, my little friends!

Oma has been busy in the kitchen


I am so excited to bring some of that fall cooking yumminess to you in

today’s book:

Sophie’s Squash!

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Episode: I love you so much!

Hello, my little friends!

Did you ever have something really important you wanted to say?

Some very “special words” that were just right there

on the tip of your tongue?

Today’s book is

I Love You So Much!

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Episode: Wherever You Are my love will find you

Hello, my little friends!

Oma has chosen another very special book to read together and

I am so excited to be sharing it with you inside Oma’s Reading Room!

Today’s book is

Wherever You Are

My love will find you

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Welcome to Oma’s Reading Room!

Let’s Read Together!

“It’s a Big World, Baby! Big enough to dream! You’re not too small to do great things!”

— JJ Heller, Big Dreams

Hello my little (and not so little) friends!

I’m Oma!

And I am so glad you found me in my Reading Room!

My Reading Room is a place for us

to BE together,

to READ together,

and hopefully share a GIGGLE or two!

I do hope you will come to visit me here, often.

Be sure to bring a friend along too!

We will have so much fun when we’re together

and I will always share my hugs and blessings with you!

Our first story time together will be posted

very soon!